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Tek Service Plans

Tek Monitoring

Tekamba Computers / Cartridge World of Prescott would like to introduce you to our Tek Monitoring program. As part of our service offerings, we can install a free program called Tek Free that will keep tabs on the overall health of your computer. Tek Free also allows you to quickly get in touch with us when needed. Or subscribe to one of our more comprehensive protection plans for even more peace of mind and proactive support from our technicians.

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Make your computer happy

Just like a car, your computer works best when it is regularly maintained. Our Tek Service plans are designed exactly for that reason. By adding one of our plans to your computer(s) you can stop worrying about your PC and focus on more important tasks. Businesses that make use our our service plans discover that they spend far less time addressing those minor computer system problems and in turn become more productive. If your employees don’t have to keep addressing a problematic computer their attention can remain on competing their daily tasks.

You can further increase your peace of mind by taking advantage of our higher end plans called Tek Premium or Tek Premium Plus. With one of these plans assigned to each of the computers in your office we are able to keep them properly updated, be alerted often BEFORE that failing hard drive completely stops, or an incorrectly configured program causes your system to stop performing as well as it should,  or that employee that accidentally accepts a virus into their computer we are notified about these issues and more and can immediately take steps to mitigate the impact to your network.

If you have a larger office we can also customize a monthly service plan that fits your budget while keeping you as protected as possible. Call us at (928) 776-0444 or click one of the Subscribe buttons below to get signed up today!

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